Thinking Of Listing Your Colorado Home? Here’s the 411 on scents!

So you are getting ready to list your home and you want it to be perfect so that when buyers walk in they want to buy your house!!! When doing this many sellers want to set the perfect setting for potential buyers to walk into! I actually recommend setting the stage!

However, we have to be careful with scents as they can be overkill! Don’t get me wrong I love the scent of a great candle or scent warmer, but here are a few reasons this may not “set the stage” in a positive way:

  1. Leaving a candle lit is a saftey hazzard. ( If you choose to light a candle use a scent warmer instead and place where children can’t reach it)
  2. Some people have negative reactions to candles. For example if I don’t use all natural candles, my throat starts to hurt and my nose runs! You don’t want your potential buyer to have this experince. When buyers are walking through your house you want them focused on your house, not a runny nose or wondering why their nose is running all the sudden!
  3. If you leave lit candles in the house and they get low, they no longer smell good and give off a burning smell that is really unpleasant!
  4. Too much of a strong candle scent can make buyers agents and buyers think that you are hiding something!


What do you do?

  1. A plug in that isn’t over powering. No more than one on each floor.
  2. Light your candles for a duration prior to showings and put them out before you leave. The smell will carry over but wont give the impression you are trying to hide something. Again, keep the scent simple and the same all through out the house.
  3. Use a scent warmer ( one that isn’t overpowering, again keep it where children can’t access it! ) A better option is to use the scentwarmer whille your home and turn it off when you leave. ( The smell will carry)

If you are thinking about listing your home in the Denver Metro Area or the Scottsdale Arizona area please don’t hesitate to call me for more tips!