Takeout Food- Denver and Parker

We’ve all been ” Safer At Home” for a while now, and many of us have gotten tired of cooking! I know I have, with than being said, I won’t lie at least twice a week we order takeout. Who am I kidding, maybe it’s three times per week? In any case, our take out choices have been hit or miss! So, I thought I’d share our hits!

The Parker Garage– 9420 Mainstreet, Parker, CO 80138

We ordered from here on Mother’s Day and it was amazing! The food was still warm, the fries were crispy, and everything tasted good! If you like Brussel Sprouts I highly recommend their Brussel Sprout appetizer. Oh! And The Poutine Fries. Not to mention the salad, my salad was amazing the greens were fresh and crisp! If you live in Parker, give it a try. The box everything up nicely, as you know many places don’t and when you get your food home it’s a soggy icky mess! That wasn’t the case here!

Meta Burger-7950 E Mississippi Ave, Denver, CO 80247

My daughter ordered this after our Mother-Daughter Tik Tok recording day. Yes, I gave in to Tik Tok, but that’s beside the point. We were starving after, so we picked up Meta Burger because it is by far the best plant-based burger in Denver, in my opinion! The food tasted just as good to go as it does when you dine in. As you know, often this isn’t the case. The fries were crispy, and the burgers were as yummy as ever! Now, I probably lost you at plant-based burger… Don’t knock it until you try it! My husband is a big meat guy, and he loves Meta Burger! Seriously, try it!

Esters Neighborhood Pub-1950 S Holly St, Denver, CO 80222

If you love Pizza and good cocktails to go! This place is amazing! The pizza is to die for! Keep in mind, I live in Parker this place a a little bit of a jaunt for me, but it’s so good it’s worth it! They have amazing salads too. If you love Pizza this place is a must!

That concludes my take-out reviews for now! If you have tried any of the above or decide to try after reading this please let me know what you thought!

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